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ABS AVALANCHE PACK - ESCAPE 30 ABS Escape 30, ABS Backpack, Avalanche Backpack, shovel compartment, lightweight, snowmobile backpack -


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Only a lot of luck will save some of the victim’s lives. An avalanche consists of different particles of snow. Those particles move underneath each body and push it to the surface by rotating until the avalanche slows down. This fact and the change of direction of the avalanche are the reason why approximately half of all avalanche victims end up on top of the avalanche while others are buried and die. A completely different scenario exists for those who do not end up on the surface of the avalanche. Once the avalanche slows down, rotation and lifting abilities also slow down. The victim cannot reach the surface anymore due to the higher density and lesser volume. In most cases this burial is deadly. With the KLIM ABS Pack you have 150 liters more volume. Once activated, the ABS equalizes the volume and density of the victim relative to the surrounding snow by working on the principle of “inverse particles.” You are on top of the snow within 2 seconds. As with a life vest in the water, the victims swims on the surface of the avalanche. The added volume of 150 liters has been calculated to be needed for cold, dry and loose snow. If the snow is denser, wetter and heavier, less volume is needed. The statistics show that 95% of victims carried down by a moving avalanche (that deployed their ABS Backpack) stayed on top and survived the incident. The ABS has proven its worth in many tests already. An increasing number of avalanche victims owe their lives to the use of the ABS.
Quick Facts:
Approximately 95% of all avalanches involving skiers and snowboarders are triggered by themselves. Usually they are slab or flow avalanches. 50% of all avalanche victims survive the avalanche and are not buried, or with at least the head showing allowing them to breath. Only about 5% of avalanche victims not buried suffer from deadly injuries due to trauma. The remaining 50% are completely buried once the avalanche comes to a halt, or at least the head and chest are submerged in the snow. Approximately 20% suffer from fatal injuries due to the trauma. Out of the 80% which are still alive, 75% have blocked airways due to snow in their mouth and/or experience such strong snow pressure on their chest that their breathing is severely restricted. Experience shows that these avalanche victims only stay alive for a few minutes. The assumed benchmark of 15 minutes is extremely optimistic. One quarter of the completely buried victims have clear airways, some can even breathe through an opening to the outside. Only these victims have a good chance to survive.
  • Volume: 1 Cubic Ft. Weight: 7.1 Lbs. Pack Material: Tear Resistant Polyamide Fiber Inner Material: PVC Features: Two Way Zipper For Large Opening • Ergonomic Formed Hip and Shoulder Straps • Many Zippered Compartments • Pouch On Hip Belt • Trigger