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About Us

The Rocky Mountains, the birth place of our business and our premier riding spot. Rocky Mountain Snowmobile defines our sport, our business, our hobby, and our stomping grounds. We started this website,, in an effort to define our passion for snowmobiling and the business we are in. MotoFrugals, Inc. is the parent company of Rocky Mountain Snowmobile. Previously, the best snowmobile products were found on but mixed with Supermoto, motocross, ATV, and other accessories. Now, the best products, the best brands, and the best pricing are found here, on one focused, precise, and current website. If you are serious about snowmobiling, regardless of your location-mid west, Canada, Northern Europe, or somewhere water skipping in your back yard, you’ve got to adventure through our site.

We carry and use the best brands to suit your needs, including a number of brands that few people know of. Comb and search our site for the quality products you need, just like you are searching for the deep snow, sick drop, wide open meadow, or technical hill climb that you deserve. If you can’t find it here, email us or call (801) 224-5073. If we can’t find it for you, it likely isn’t the product you need anyway.